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    Grape variety: St. Laurent
    Soil: calcareous loam-loess soil
    Hand-picked grapes from organic farming

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    St. Laurent
    Jungle 2020

    Our very old St. Laurent vines are rooted in a southeast-facing vineyard in the Langenlois Ried Hasel, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Zöbing Ried Heiligenstein while working in the vineyard. But it was not only the beautiful view that attracted us. St. Laurent is a traditional local grape variety that inspires us year after year.

    The old vineyard had not been cultivated for several years and when we were able to start working on the parcels, our first vineyard work was like an expedition in the jungle. We were and still are convinced of the great potential of the vineyard and, as part of a recultivation project, we cared for the vines. Although the yields are minimal, we are pleased that we were able to preserve a piece of this expressive grape variety in the Kamptal through recultivation.

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    «Ein Sommer am Heiligenstein»
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    Stefanie & Alwin Jurtschitsch