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    Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir
    Soil: Langenloiser primary rock (Gfoehler Gneiss) with loess layers
    ABV: 13. % vol.
    Ac: 4.8 ‰
    RS: 1.0 g/l
    Ageing potential: 2023

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    Pinot Noir
    Reserve 2013

    Deciduous forest floor, damson plum, leather, game, violets, and roses - delicate, subtle, fragrant, never obtrusive. Simply Pinot. The palate reflects the nose. The broad spectrum of aromas does not wither. Contrarily. It blossoms and evolves constantly as further subtleties appear. Mineral character highlights the complexity. The body is fine-boned, yet commanding and structured with a firm spine of acid that is fully integrated in a bed of silky tannin. The finish lingers long and nuanced to the very end.

    The Schenkenbichl vineyard is the source of one of our best Grüner Veltliners and this site is also very influential for our Pinot. The cool, vibrant character and complexity are derived from this terrain, yet we don't want to ignore the significance of this wine's second origin, the Ladner vineyard. They each seem to complete one another and deliver exactly those components that make our Pinot what it is. Pinot Noir is certainly the variety among all grapes that feels most at home in Kamptal. The climate appears to be ideal with a vegetation period that is neither too long nor too short and the soils are also suitable. It only remains what we make of it. Contrary to our Cabernet and Rotspon, we employ only large casks so as not to disturb the subtlety of aromas. We crush just as gently as we press and we allow the wine to mature a full 18 months before we bottle and mature it further in our cellar.

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